Unit Manager – Highcare – Nursing

Hillcrest Private Hospital
Closing Date:
2 November 2021
Role Summary

The Unit Manager will be responsible for coordinating Improved Quality Nursing Care for both units by ensuring compliance to professional and ethical practice. The incumbent will be accountable for coordinating Training, Development and Mentoring of staff in the Units. The incumbent will also be expected to apply and manage the best and most effective operational practice by focusing on the integration of people, technology and finance drivers in ensuring that Unit costs are maintained within budget.

  • Administer and supervise thus ensuring standards for quality nursing care are met in the units, evaluate on an on-going basis and take appropriate action.
  • Monitor and enforce ward standards, procedures and staff performance. Manage unit activities including irregularities and policy violations and take corrective and follow up action. Perform clinical instruction as necessary.
  • Control drugs as per regulations of the Pharmacy Act (Act 53 of 1974), perform checks on drug totals and drug register, ensure that procedures and recording are adhered to. Rationalise and control emergency stock. Set stock standard levels.
  • Monitor and manage staff attendance and ensuring coverage of units at all times. Complete duty roster and record books in accordance with Employment Act. Allocate staff, based on workload and level of competence ensuring optimal staff usage and maintaining the stability of nurse/patient ratio.
  • Promote and maintain good working and inter-personnel relationships with management, patients, staff, doctors and colleagues. Co-ordinate the activities of all hospital departments to provide uniformity of direction.
  • Demonstrate professional ethics and leadership qualities. Maintain standards and conduct to the S A Nursing Act and SANC Regulations
  • Conduct daily patient and clinical rounds and provide top quality, customer-centric service
  • Effectively manage all costs emanating from the Department
  • Identify Quality Improvement opportunities and ensure appropriate strategy and Quality
    Improvement initiatives are developed and measured.
  • Participate in the implementation of National Core Standards and other Busamed audits and
    quality initiatives and any other duties assigned by Management
  • Conduct active patient surveillance for Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) liaising with nursing
    staff and doctors
  • Implement an IPC programme tailored to the needs of the ward and in alignment with hospital
    IPC strategy.
  • Monitor IPC compliance and identify areas of non-compliance through clinical audits and CSA,
    remedial action to be implemented and assessed for effectiveness.
  • Maintain standards of Best Care Always and Bare Below the Elbows
  • Investigate all negative incidents and ensure appropriate recording and intervention
  • Maintain and update Barn owl: incident reporting, initiation and closure of Action Plans and
    regular review of department’s Risk Register and mitigation of risk.
  • Ensure compliance with Protocols, Policies and Acts
  • Ensure the unit is providing safe, cost effective quality patient care in line with the Clinical
    Governance strategy and evidence-based practice.
  • Monitor the patients journey through structured review of the patient feedback survey, initiating
    intervention and quality improvement where indicated.
  • Evaluate Nursing Quality Indicators and Clinical Outcomes.
  • Communicate effectively with patients, families and parents regarding the patient’s care.
  • Ensure the principles of Infection Prevention and all standard precautions are adhered to.
  • Ensure processes are in line with the working procedures and policies of Busamed Hillcrest
    Private Hospital