A Big Thank you

A big thank you to Paardevlei Private Hospital Busamed for their excellent service. Our daughter was admitted Wednesday ...and within minutes of arriving at casualty she was attended to with great care. Thank you to all staff af casualty for your prompt assistance. The paediatric ward welcomed her with lotsa love.

Special thanks to Sr. L. Grobbelaar, Sr. M. America, Sr. J. Sparrow, Sr. Blignaut and Nurse J. Rosant. The kitchen staff, Firouz Jooste for organising special soup for Chloe. Aaawwh and the cleaning lady Hadjira Davids for keeping Chloe's room in tip top shape. Last but most important to the kind Dr. Webster.

Thank you Dr. Webster for your impeccable work. It is a wonderful feeling when the wellbeing of your child is in the care of a Dr. That has a passion for what he does. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts Busamed!!!! Satisfaction to a higher level indeed.

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