A Big Thank you to all the ICU Staff

My son, Junior*, had a serious mountain biking accident on 18 March 2017 and was brought into the Trauma Unit at your Busamed Hospital. We had never heard of this Hospital but when we arrived at the Trauma Unit, the doctor on call was Dr. Mocke. He was so caring, thorough and calm. He explained everything over and over again as we got more and more bad news. He sent off all the X-rays and CT scans to the Spinal Surgeon – Dr. A. Botha and we immediately got the news back that my son could not be moved to a Hospital nearer to us in the Southern Suburbs as he had a unstable fracture which on moving him would be a huge risk.

My son was sent to ICU for the night of 18 and 19 March and he just wants me to tell you and them how he was managed. From the time he was wheeled in, Sister Nomubela Ketsa took him under her wing and nursed him so well and even made him smile through his pain. Then the night duty sister came on duty but unfortunately I can’t remember her name? Junior said she was amazing and sat by his side bringing his pain down to almost nothing and calming and reassuring him through the night. A big thank you to all the ICU staff. On Monday lunch time, Junior was transferred to the General Ward where he had exceptional nursing care and by Friday was able to go home. We will be back for follow-up.

*Patient name changed for privacy

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