Their ER is Supportive and Open

I would like to share my recent experience at Bushamed Hospital. Wow what a great hospital. The staff, the doctors, the nurses are so warm and friendly. Everyone greets you as you walk in the door. The service is really really out of this world and so welcoming to this area. They really have great doctors there and a lot of them are contracted in with medical aids.

The waiting list is not weeks or days... it’s today or tomorrow. Their ER is supportive and open. You do not hav...e to wait for 3 hours to get treated. Their pediatric ward is super and the staff are so warm and gentle. I would really recommend this hospital to everyone out there. They are still very new and definitely need more patients/clients but I am very confident that within a years’ time they will be the go to hospital in the area.

To all of you that still are a bit cautious, I can recommend them 100%. - FB Somerset West Community Page.

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