Please ask your Doctor / Doctor’s secretary regarding pre-booking your hospital admission. Please visit the hospital reception desk for more information.

What is preadmissions

If you are a medical aid patient it is very important for you to get authorisation for your procedure before you book into the Hospital. The admission clerks will be available to assist you. Although they may not get the authorisation number for you, they will assist in contacting your medical aid scheme and ensure that you have all the necessary information needed to facilitate the process.

Your medical aid scheme will also provide you with information about any short payments, co-payments or limits that you may have in relation to your procedure. Please record this information and feel free to discuss this with the admission clerk.

What do you need?

Please bring along your medical aid card and South African Identification Document. Should you have any queries, please call 011-458 2000

When visiting the Admissions desk you can expect:

  • To complete your admission documentation and have an opportunity to alert us to any special needs and requests.
  • Should you wish to request an executive, private or semi-private room, please alert the Reception supervisor or Administration manager, so that this request can be facilitated.
  • A basic physical examination to determine whether you are ready for your admission.
  • Information on your procedure and what to expect before and after the operation.