Busamed Hillcrest Oncology Centre

The Busamed Hillcrest Oncology Centre is complimented with an experienced team and leading clinical technology in radiation therapy.

Treatments Provided:

The Busamed Hillcrest Oncology Centre offers comprehensive oncology treatment with a focus on patient-centred care. We are able to treat a whole range of conditions including Brain, Head and Neck (Nasopharyngeal Tonsil, Larynx, Parotid etc.), Breast, Gastrointestinal tumors, Prostate, Cervical cancers, Rectal Cancers and Sarcomas.

The unit is supported by an experienced team of Oncologists, radiation therapists and medical physicists.

Our planning system houses the newest version of eclipse planning, this planning system has IMRT, SRS and VMAT licensing.

For more Information contact the Centre reception:

Tel: +27 31 492 4479

Depending on your requirements, you will be directed to a therapist to assist with all the relevant questions regarding radiotherapy.

471 Kassier Road,
Assagay, Hillcrest,

Radiation Treatment

Radiation Treatment uses focused X-rays, which are a form of energy, to destroy cancerous cells while minimizing the exposure of healthy tissue. Radiation damages the DNA in cancer cells, interrupting their ability to reproduce and causing them to die and the tumor to shrink. Once a treatment plan is identified for radiation, the radiotherapy process then follows. For more information download our patient brochure.

A Patients Guide to Radiation Treatment of Cancer

Halcyon 2.0

The state-of-the-art treatment platform

Halcyon 2.0 features a KV Cone beam CT and iterative CBCT imaging for better soft tissue definition, with a 15 second image acquisition.

Halcyon provides highly targeted radiotherapy on a platform that is patient centered whilst still ensuring the highest levels of image accuracy and treatment delivery.

  • Enhanced image guided radiotherapy
  • Improved soft tissue visualization with KV CBCT
  • Speed without compromise
  • Superior treatment plans
  • Improved patient over all experience
  • Four times faster intensity modulated rotational delivery than a standard linac
  • Highly accurate treatment delivery
  • Enhanced patient safety and comfort