Please take advantage of the pre-admission facility before you begin treatment. Sister Shavantha Naidoo, the friendly Pre-Admissions Registered Nurse invites all patients who will be admitted to hospital to visit her in Suite 501 on the fifth Floor. She will assist you to prepare you for your stay at the Hospital.

What is preadmissions

If you are a medical aid patient it is very important for you to obtain authorisation for your procedure before you are admitted into the Hospital. The pre-admission staff are available to assist you with your admission. They will help you to contact your medical aid and ensure that you have all the necessary information needed to facilitate the process.

Your medical aid will also provide you with information about any short payments, co-payments, or limits that you may have in relation to your procedure. Please record this information and feel free to discuss this with the pre-admission staff.

What do you need?

Please bring along your medical aid card and South African Identity Document. Should you have any queries, please call 031 492 1136

When visiting the pre-admission centre you can expect:

  • To complete your admission documentation and an opportunity to alert us to any special needs you may have.
  • Should you wish to request an executive, private, or semi-private room, please alert the Pre-Admission Sister so that this request can be facilitated.
  • A basic physical examination to determine whether you are ready for your admission.
  • Information on your procedure and what to expect before and after the operation.