Ward Information

With six custom-designed, operating theatres, a purpose build scope and procedure room and two cardiac catheterisation laboratories, you can expect cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art facilities at Busamed Gateway Private Hospital.

The Hospital has two specialised ICU units and two floors of the highest-quality patients’ accommodation in units dedicated to specific surgical specialities.

Studies have shown that natural light has a positive effect on a patient’s sense of wellbeing. At Busamed Gateway Private Hospital our wards have been built to maximise daylight and take full advantage of the beautiful views afforded by the perfect location of the Hospital. Every bed has a view of either the sea or rolling hills and sugar-cane fields. Executive rooms situated on the corner of each ward, provide not only spectacular views, but have a small lounge area for visitors to relax and interact at their leisure. The comforting presence of loved ones improves the well-being of the patient.

Accommodation is available in semi-private, private, and executive rooms subject to availability. Costs for these rooms are not usually covered by medical aid schemes and patients who request this accommodation are requested to pay the private ward fee on admission.

Theatre / CSSD

Unit Manager:
Sr Chantelle Coelho

Cardiac Catherization Laboratory

Unit Manager:
Sr Hilary Gibbs

Emergency Unit

Unit Manager:
Sr Desiree Naidoo

031 492 1234

Intensive Care Unit 1 (1st Floor):

Unit Manager:
Sr Vanessa Gillon

031 492 1198

Intensive Care Unit 2 (2nd Floor):

Unit Manager:
Sr Annie Strydom

031 492 121

Ward A – Medical Ward (4th Floor):

Unit Manager:
Sr Maggie Palani

031 492 1216

Ward B – Cardiac Ward (4th Floor):

Unit Manager:
Sr Hilary Gibbs

031 492 1215

Ward C – Orthopaedic & Spinal/Neuro Ward (3rd Floor):

Unit Manager:
Sr Karen Moodley

031 492 1228

Ward D – Surgical Ward (3rd Floor):

Unit Manager:
Sr Tembela Hlazo

031 492 2050

Night Duty Managers:

Sr Rene Grobler

Sr Tholi Phewa

Risk Manager:

Sr Sharon Dey van Heerden

Training and Development Officer:

Sr Navashnee Govender

Transplant Coordinator:

Cindy Goldie

031 492 1378