Our Technology

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Patients in need of cardiac care have a full range of diagnostic and interventional services at their disposal at Busamed Gateway Private Hospital. These include cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, cardiac pacing, radial and femoral approach percutaneous interventions and cardiac critical care. With a focus on complex coronary interventions, the Hospital remains one of the few in the country that offers the highly specialised interventions for chronic total occlusions.

Busamed Gateway Private Hospital is also the only private hospital in KwaZulu-Natal to offer electrophysiology services including the specialised cyroablation procedure. Two cardiac electrophysiologists are based at the Hospital focusing on abnormal heart rhythms.

The Hospital is the accredited heart and lung transplant hospital of KZN. The seventh double heart and lung transplant in South Africa was successfully performed at the Hospital in 2017. The Hospital is fully equipped with a dedicated cardiac theatre and transplant unit on standby at all times for emergency lifesaving transplant surgery.