Our Facilities

Family support and a positive environment is vital for a speedy recovery. Busamed Gateway Private Hospital offers a wide range of services and facilities to both patients and families to enhance and exceed their expectations of care not only while they are in the Hospital for surgery, but also before and after admission.

Gateway Hospital

Busamed Gateway Private Hospital supports six state of the art theatres and two cardiac catheterisation labs, each designed and build to meet the unique needs of the specialised disciplines and equipped with the latest technology and instrumentation available.

Our Medical Practices

This multidisciplinary specialised Hospital offers local and international patients a broad spectrum of specialist cardiac, surgical, medical, and vascular services, modern facilities, high-tech equipment, and outstanding nursing care. Extensive support services also contribute to the overall health of every patient.

Our Coffee Shop

The Press Club, father and son team, of Selwyn and Brett bring with them a well-established reputation for delivering a time-tested combination of comfort food and home-cooked goodness.

Cardiac Care

Patients in need of cardiac care have a full range of diagnostic and interventional services at their disposal at Busamed Gateway Private Hospital. These include cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, cardiac pacing, radial and femoral approach percutaneous interventions and cardiac critical care. With a focus on complex coronary interventions, the Hospital remains one of the few in the country that offers the highly specialised interventions for chronic total occlusions. Busamed Gateway Private Hospital is also the only private hospital in KwaZulu-Natal to offer electrophysiology services including the specialised cyroablation procedure. Two cardiac electrophysiologists are based at the Hospital focusing on abnormal heart rhythms.

Emergency Unit

In addition to the cardiac care units, the Hospital also boasts a 24-hour emergency unit focused specifically on cardiac emergencies. With highly trained emergency doctors and staff, patients with cardiac emergencies have consistently received appropriate and immediate treatment with excellent outcomes, serving to make the Hospital a destination of choice for the emergency services throughout KZN.

Transplant Programme

Busamed Gateway is the accredited heart and lung transplant hospital in KZN. The seventh double heart and lung transplant in South Africa was successfully performed at the Hospital in 2017. The Hospital is fully equipped with a dedicated cardiac theatre and transplant unit on standby at all times for emergency lifesaving transplant surgery.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Specialised orthopaedic surgery is a focus at Busamed Gateway Private Hospital. A variety of orthopaedic services are on offer including sports injuries, total joint replacements, fractures and traumatic injuries. Among the 16 Orthopaedic Surgeons who practise at the Hospital are several super specialised surgeons who have chosen to specialise in knees, shoulders, feet and ankles, as well as back surgery. Patients and sportsmen from all over the country are referred to these well respected and experienced leaders in their fields.

Oncology Surgery

The only surgical oncology unit in KwaZulu-Natal is situated at Busamed Gateway Private Hospital. Internationally recognised as the treatment of choice for early breast cancer, Specialist General Surgeons offer patients breast conservation therapy with the option of reconstruction at the same time as surgery at the Hospital.

Orbera Balloon Surgery

The specialised Endoscopic Orbera balloon weight loss procedure is only performed by a general surgeon who practises at Busamed Gateway Private Hospital. This ground-breaking procedure helps patients to lose weight due to a silicone balloon inflated with saline reducing the size of the patient’s stomach, resulting in reduced food intake. 


The Busamed Gateway Neurosurgeons are experienced leaders in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), utilising the latest robotic, CT navigation, and implant technologies to treat a number of spinal disorders. MIS keyhole surgery techniques allow optimal outcomes with minimal tissue damage leading to faster recovery times and a return to normal activities.