They are Heros

To all the staff at Busamed Bram Fischer, from the cleaning lady at the front door the security lady, the porter and a big thumbs up to Dr Ramatsi at casualties and his sisters even the one they call Shorty ?

I would like to tell them they are heros in my book, when my beloved Linda came in through your doors on the 30th March 2018,we were treated with the utmost concern for her well being and the radiologist staff was super the tall gentleman man that was by her side was such a comfort and was such a good man he could not thank him enough (sorry I don’t remember all the names was very stressful time, not knowing what’s happening) but even though there names don’t come to mind I sure won’t forget everyone of thems kindness. To the night staff that made it just as pleasant for me, I thank them as well.

Your are all truly wonderful and amazing people at Busamed Bram Fischer, thank you all.

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