Clean, Quiet and in Order

I was actually taking my wife to Med clinic in Bloemfontein, and as I was approaching the airport I then saw the clinic, then I suggested to my wife that we go in and check whether they cannot help us, and I also remembered that in the morning I was listening to Lesedi FM, ntate Thuso was telling the listeners about the BUSAMED Bram fisher airport and gave out the contact numbers to call if we want to go there, little did I know that in that evening I will take my wife there.

The hospital is very clean, quiet and in order, when we enter the reception area it thought to myself maybe they are not admitting people yet because it was quite we were the only people, then they said come in they asked what was the problem.

I told them my wife has stomach pains and we were taken to service room 2, and the other gentleman was on the phone and the person on the other side of the phone was telling him what to do, and he also contacted the doctor, he was also there in no time greeted me and gave me his name, then he attended to my wife everything was excellent I must say staff personnel was friendly, my wife was put on a drip and after 4 hours all was well she was feeling much better, and I was so relieved and happy that my wife is well.

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