The Casualty at Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital aims to offer the best and peace of mind care to all patients requiring emergency care. The state of the art 24-hour, one stop shop emergency centre. The Casualty is privately owned by ER Consulting Inc. with emergency specialists on board heading this facility.

The Casualty unit strive to provide quality emergency care, ensuring good value emergency medical and trauma care.
• Trauma such as fractures, sprains and strains, wounds, burns, drownings, accident injuries, workers injured on duty (IOD), and other types of trauma.
• Medical emergencies such as asthma, heart attacks, infections as well as emergencies in children, pregnant mothers, rabies, snake bites, diabetics, senior citizens.
we aim to attend to any emergency problem and sort it out immediately, efficiently and safely and that patients receive the best care possible.

In line with international standards of care, ER Consulting Inc. employs the triage system (SATS) to ensure that patients are seen and treated appropriately, according to the acuity of their illness or injury.

ER Consulting Inc. joined Busamed Hillcrest in October 2018. They employ doctors through a rigorous HR and clinical review process. In addition, ER Consulting Inc. employs Emergency Physician (the highest emergency medicine qualification in South Africa) to guide their clinical governance policies in the company. Integrity, ethics and attention to detail are the keys to the successful management of their business. ER Consulting Inc. policies and procedures ensure consistent quality of care.

Busamed Casualty, together with ER Consulting, accepts most medical aid schemes at medical aid rates, based on available benefits. Rates are available on enquiry. First Care Solutions (Pty) Ltd and the African Institute of Emergency Medicine (Pty) Ltd are ER Consulting’s administrative and training partners. First Care Solutions provides a wide variety of practice management services whilst the African Institute of Emergency Medicine provides emergency medicine training programs and courses.

ER Consulting Inc. (Drs Holt and Partners) are the leading independent emergency unit management company in South Africa, currently managing 23 emergency units nationally.


Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital is working towards becoming a number one facility to treat those injured on duty.

Patients presenting with minor injuries will be treated and then discharged to speed up the process of getting them back to their duties and also making sure that major injuries given a priority to speed up healing process.

Busamed Hillcrest has provided a list of forms that would be required to be completed by employers to prevent inconveniences for both parties.

Reception Requirements for COID:
1a. WCl2 must be fully completed, and presented along with WCl4 and an Identification Document.
1b. If it was a MVA, the Travel Questionnaire needs to be completed.
1c. If it was an assault, the Assault Questionnaire needs to be completed.
1d. If the patient/employee came in after the DOA [date of accident], a Delay Questionnaire needs to be completed. We can only accept these cases within
a seven days of the DOA.